Welcome to Seattle Family Mediation

Seattle Family Mediation provides expert guidance for families to respectfully create and explore opportunities for agreement in a variety of dispute areas:  divorce, meretricious relationships, same sex relationships, property division, child support, parenting plans, wills and trusts, parent child disputes.  Seattle Family Mediation offers a number of processes to help parties move toward finding agreements to their disputes, including collaborative law, mediation, arbitration, med-arb, and settlement conferences.

Seattle Family Mediation also offers guidance to parties desiring to handle their divorces without legal representation but who are not familiar with how the process works.   We meet with one or both divorcing parties to explain just what needs to be done to put agreements into legally binding pleading for submission to the court commissioner.

Seattle Family Mediation attorney can draft the necessary legal pleadings required for all agreements.

Seattle Family Mediation guides disputing parties toward resolution in a manner that eliminates the cost of litigation and avoids damage to the parent-child and parent-parent relationships.