Marcus Lang M.A., J.D. is a mediator and attorney practicing in Seattle, Washington. He opened his first mediation practice in 1984 after obtaining a masters degree in interpersonal communication from the University of Montana, where he also taught interpersonal communication and public speaking. Mr. Lang receiving mediation training from Will Neville of Divorce Mediation Associates of Atlanta, Georgia in 1984.

Mr. Lang currently focuses his mediation practice on settlement conferences, mediation-arbitration, and facilitative mediation in the areas of family law, business disputes, and employment issues.

Mr. Lang is on the board of the Kitsap County dispute Resolution Center, and trains mediators through the Center.

Mr. Lang is also on the board of the Kitsap Collaborative Law Alliance.

His hobbies include playing music with his family (Irish and folk on concerntina), and rebuilding his old wooden sail boat.